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Physical address

Max Planck Institute for Biology, Tübingen

Third floor, Room 3A24

Max-Planck-Ring 5

Tübingen, 72076


Shipping address

Max-Planck-Ring 1

Tübingen, 72076


Orders and billing

Laboratory Manager

Catrin Weiler

+49 7071 601 800

Administrative queries

Administrative Assistant

Claudia Jahn

+49 7071 601 800

Travel advice for visitors


We are always on the lookout for rigorous, talented and creative researchers to join the team and push the field forward


Prospective postdocs interested in developing a research project in the lab can contact Honour McCann directly, including [postdoc-query] in the subject header.


Postdocs-to-be are encouraged to explore external funding opportunities, including funding from your country of origin (e.g. Canada NSERC PDF), International and EU programs (e.g. Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellowships, Human Frontier of Science Program) and German programs (e.g. DFG and Humboldt Fellowships).

Prospective PhDs with a background in microbiology, plant biology, evolution, ecology, genomics, bioinformatics or plant pathology can apply to join us through the International Max Planck Research School.

Paid research assistant (HiWi) positions are frequently available in the lab. Contact Honour McCann directly, including [intern-query] in the subject header.

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